The choice of the breed of your future dog depends on many criteria, especially if you live in a house or an apartment, if you have to move regularly or if you are a rather sporty person or not!

Having a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly since it is a real responsibility with commitment. Indeed, a dog is in no way an object, it is a living being that needs you 100% whether it is to go out, to feed itself or to receive love. Moreover, you should not take a dog as a means of protection! He is not a "tool" but a full-fledged member of your family.

When you are fully aware of these issues and your decision to adopt a dog is well thought out, one of the questions that may come up most often is: what breed would best suit my personality and lifestyle?

There are over 344 breeds of dogs, so you should have no trouble finding the one that will suit you best!

You are outgoing and communicative:

Are you an extrovert by nature? Some breeds may suit you better than others. Most often, they are small, energetic and talkative dogs. These breeds are curious by nature and enjoy moving around as long as you stick around.

We find mainly the :
- chihuahua
- miniature spitz
- continental butterfly spaniel
- shih tzu

If you are the owner of a dog of this breed or if you plan to be, you are qualified as someone who is charismatic and daring. These personality traits are reflected in your dog, which stands out from the rest with its distinguished appearance.

You are active and exploratory:

They say you are a sociable person, who doesn't stay in one place and who enjoys talking to everyone? Then we have the dog breeds that are like you!

We find in particular the :
- Boxer
- Border Collie
- Labrador Retriever
- Beagle
- Cocker Spaniel
- Dalmatian

These dogs are particularly tonic and sporty. They have their nose always stuck to the ground and spend a lot of time sniffing the smallest smells. This characteristic qualifies them as curious dogs who need to expend their energy. They don't like to stay in bed all day, like you do! Moreover, beyond walks, they are intelligent dogs who like to play and learn. You will be able to teach them tricks without worrying. Finally, being very active, they prefer life in a house and out of the city surrounded by green areas. However, they can obviously enjoy living in an apartment if you stimulate them enough!

You are demanding and delicate:

Are you a person who is demanding of yourself or others? Perfectionist and fussy by nature? Dog breeds also exist to match your personality!

You will find the :
- Shiba Inu
- Doberman
- Bull Terrier
- Siberian Husky

These dogs are mostly determined and hardworking which will be ideal for people with strong character. They are described as very loyal and devoted to their family, which is why they can become suspicious of strangers. These dogs require some socialization and positive education for maximum happiness!

You are homebody and reserved:

And yes, some dogs can also be reserved and prefer to stay home in the warmth. If you are also of the nature to appreciate the comfort of your home and not necessarily go out every Saturday night, these breeds of dogs should suit you perfectly!

We can find the :
- Basset Hound
- Pug
- Yorkshire Terrier
- Maltese
- English Bulldog
- Spanish Greyhound

These breeds are known as home-loving, enjoying comfort and quiet time. Although they require less exercise than others, they do not like to be cooped up. Less energetic, these dogs enjoy long, quiet daily walks. You will find in these dogs a calm, intelligent and benevolent nature. Moreover, they are adept at petting and long naps... a bit like you, no?

You are caring and protective:

They say you are a jovial person, always present for the others and an attentive ear? Say no more, we've found the dog breeds for you!

You will find yourself among the :
- Labrador
- Golden Retriever
- Jack Russell
- Corgi
- Great Dane

These dogs are very affectionate by nature and obviously loyal. They need a real physical contact with their master every day. They adapt easily to changes and various situations and will appreciate long cuddles and acts of tenderness. Moreover, like you, they are very sociable and playful dogs!

As you have seen in this article, there are many breeds of dogs that can suit you depending on your character. Of course, there are exceptions and some breeds may be suitable for you even though they do not match your character!

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