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5 dog sports ideas for the summer

5 dog sports ideas for the summer

When temperatures rise, it's best to favor calm activities or sports that take place in water to avoid heat stroke for your pet...but also for you!
To help you choose, here is our selection of 5 sports activities to do with your dog this summer!

1/ Cani-Paddle

Cani-Paddle is derived from stand-up paddling, a sport that consists in paddling standing on a board to move on a lake, a river or even the sea.
To practice Cani-paddle, your dog must like water and know how to swim. Wearing a life jacket is still recommended to ensure your dog's safety! Cani-paddling is a rather quiet sport, which is particularly suitable for nature lovers.
To begin, we advise you to choose a nautical base where you won't have to face the waves!

2/ Cani Rando

For those who like walking and hiking, the cani-rando is ideal! It's simply a matter of hiking with your furry friend! Be sure to adapt the length and difficulty of the trail to your dog and his fitness level! Also, make sure not to do this activity during the hottest hours of the day, which would not be pleasant for you or your furry friend!
To practice the cani-rando, you will have to equip yourself with a belt or a harness connected to a leash with shock absorber, as for the cani-cross.

3/ Cani Surf

This discipline is not very well known, but there are official competitions of cani-surf (also called canine surfing)! You will have understood that the principle is the same as surfing, with the difference that your dog is on the board and surfs the waves with you!
This water sport requires a good level before starting. It's best to master the practice of surfing before taking your 4-legged friend on the adventure! As with any water sport, remember to equip your furry friend with a life jacket, even if he can swim very well.

4/ The aquatic hike

The aquatic hike or aqua hike is a sport derived from canyoning, but in a calmer version! The aquatic hike consists in walking down the river bed. It is practiced in the company of a guide in order to cross the obstacles in complete safety. And when you practice this activity with your dog, you will sometimes have to bypass certain passages that would not be suitable for your dog.
The aqua trek is a refreshing and fun activity, perfect for the summer and to fill up with sensations!

5/ Canoeing with your dog

Do you like to go canoeing in the summer? Good news, your furry friend can accompany you! It's quite possible to find canoe rental companies that allow dogs on board! However, to practice canoeing with your dog safely, a little training is necessary before you start. Get your dog used to this new craft first on land and then on the water so that he can become familiar with the instability. Once your dog is comfortable, you can start the descent! Don't forget to give your dog some time to swim so that he can cool off!

Some advice

All these activities require a minimum of preparation on your part (except perhaps the cani-rando). Indeed, before launching into a water activity with your dog, make sure that he is not afraid of water! It can happen to our four-legged friends too!
In the case of cani-paddle or cani-surf, it is better to start this sport without your dog and to begin with your dog when you have acquired a certain control. Indeed, to begin an activity with your dog will complicate you the task and would risk to waste this good moment. It is best to start with an instructor.
Finally, for water sports, we advise you to put a life jacket on your dog. This is a safety feature, even if your dog knows how to swim well it can be useful!

We hope you enjoy this selection of dog sports for the summer! Which of these sports would you like to try this summer? Tell us in comments!

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