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Food supplements for dogs : 3 reasons to adopt them!

Food supplements for dogs : 3 reasons to adopt them!

We are now convinced of the benefits of food supplements on our health. So why not use them for our dogs too? Indeed, food supplements are also useful to take care of the health of our four-legged friends. Today, there are many food supplements for dogs in pet shops. 

Dog vitamins are a good way to take care of the health of our pets and prevent common health problems. We present to you the 3 main benefits of food supplements for dogs!

Food supplements to optimize nutritional intake 

Every dog is different, and so are his nutritional needs. So, even if you give him a quality and perfectly adapted food, it is still possible that deficiencies appear. Either because the food does not cover all of your dog's nutritional needs, or because of poor absorption of nutrients. 
On the other hand, if you feed your dog the BARF diet (i.e., raw meat) or homemade rations, it's likely that your furry friend needs a little help getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs from his food. 

Food supplements can help enrich your dog's (or puppy's) bowl with nutrients that are essential to good health. They can also help facilitate digestion (probiotics are a good example) and optimize the assimilation of vitamins and minerals by the body.

The beauty of the coat also goes through the bowl

Many dogs have skin problems: dandruff, dry skin, itching, hair loss, etc. 
These skin problems can affect the comfort of your dog's life. 
The best way to fight skin problems is usually from the inside. 
If the causes of skin problems can be multiple, substances such as omega fatty acids (contained in large quantities in fish oil), biotin or brewer's yeast can help alleviate dermatological symptoms. 

Indeed, the fatty acids will make it possible to decrease the inflammatory reaction, and thus the itchings. 
Biotin will stimulate hair growth and make it more resistant, thus avoiding alopecia. 
Finally, brewer's yeast, which is highly concentrated in B vitamins, will strengthen the hair and make it silkier. 

Helping your dog age well with food supplements

As they age, our four-legged friends often experience joint pain or even arthritis. This loss of mobility can be disabling. It is also a source of suffering that can be alleviated thanks to food supplements. Indeed, many ingredients have proven their effectiveness in problems related to osteoarthritis, arthritis (link to article on arthritis) or more generally the joints. 

Food supplements intended to relieve painful joints often contain glucosamine and chondroitin. The combination of glucosamine and chondroitin helps to fight against the wear and tear of cartilage, which is responsible for joint problems. Other ingredients are also interesting for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis, such as New Zealand green lipped mussel or turmeric. These two ingredients are known for their anti-inflammatory effects, which help to reduce pain.

Administering a food supplement to your pooch suffering from joint pain will allow him to suffer less and regain mobility!

Choosing the right food supplements for your dog

Offering food supplements to your dog is good, but be careful not all food supplements are of equal quality. It is therefore important to choose them carefully so that the results are there!
So, how do you go about it? 

First of all, take a good look at the list of ingredients to see if the active ingredients advertised on the box are present in large quantities. You probably know that the ingredients are listed in descending order in the composition. If glucosamine sulphate, for example, is one of the first ingredients, then it is present in large quantities in the food supplement in question. This means that the supplement is more likely to have a beneficial effect than if glucosamine sulphate is at the bottom of the composition.

Another important point is the form in which the product is presented. Supplements are often presented as a powder to be poured onto the kibble or as tablets. The problem is that in this form, they are generally not appreciated by all dogs. However, regularity is very important to obtain good results with a food supplement, whatever it is! 
Therefore, choose vitamins for dogs that come in bite-sized pieces or treats. This will make it easier for you to get your pet to accept them. 
Now you know the 3 main benefits of dog food supplements. First and foremost, if your dog has a health problem, consult your veterinarian.

Don't forget to pay attention to the composition of the supplements you choose. Finally, choose food supplements in the form of treats, to please your pooch while taking care of him!

Do you give your dog food supplements? Do you think you would if your dog needed it? We're waiting for your answers in the comments!

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