Stressed dog: how to limit anxiety during the holidays ?

More and more dogs are suffering from stress. If this is the case with your dog, the holiday season can be a cause of anxiety for him. Indeed, the excitement of the preparations and the changes in his environment can put your dog in a state of stress. It is important to be vigilant because anxiety in dogs can result in behavioral problems. 

So what are the signs of stress? What can you do to help your stressed-out dog get through this period calmly? We tell you everything. 


Why is Christmas stressful for some dogs?


For us, the holiday season is a fun and festive time. For our dogs, however, they can be a cause of stress: guests in the house, unusual noises, fireworks, firecrackers, etc.

Dogs like to have a certain routine and anything that disrupts their habits and environment can cause anxiety.

This is especially true if your pet is naturally anxious. 

A stressed dog is a dog that can behave unpredictably. Therefore, to avoid problems, it is best to leave your dog alone when he is in a state of stress, and if possible, to help him overcome his anxiety with an appropriate treatment.

Here are some symptoms that show your dog is stressed: 

-he barks;

-He is shaking;

-He salivates more than usual;

-He is hyperactive;

-He runs away and/or hides;

-he licks himself a lot and/or bites his paws.

If you see any of these signals in your dog, it's a sign that he's feeling anxious or scared. Fortunately, there are solutions to limit your dog's stress so that he can get through the holiday season with peace of mind.

Our tips for limiting your dog's stress during the holidays 


Tip #1: Don't skip the walks

Walks allow dogs to relax and exercise. Before Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner, especially if you're having a party, allow your dog to let off steam with a longer than usual walk. That way, he'll be much less stressed.

Tip #2: Create a hiding place for your dog

If Christmas dinner is being held at your home, the noise and the presence of many guests may frighten your dog. To avoid stressing your dog, plan to give him access to a room where he will be alone and calm. Arrange his bowls, basket and favorite toy in this room. Tell guests not to disturb your dog. It is preferable that no one but you and your dog have access to this space. 

 Tip #3: Barricade the house

This is of course a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea! If your dog tends to run away when scared, make sure doors and windows are closed, especially on nights when fireworks are scheduled. The stress of the fireworks leads some dogs to run away. A dog under stress can endanger its life by crossing in front of a car, for example. It's best to keep your dog safe at home to avoid problems.

 Tip #4: Protect him from noise

This advice is to be applied in case of fireworks but can also be used in case of storm. In order to prevent your pets from seeing the lights of the fireworks and hearing the noise, it is best to close the curtains and even the shutters. This way, you create a safer environment and limit the stress and fear in your animals.  

Tip #5: Use a natural dog tranquilizer

There are natural calming agents for our furry friends. These are food supplements generally based on valerian or passion flower. These two medicinal plants are known for their relaxing and anti-stress virtues. With a natural treatment, you will not encounter any problems of dependence or overdose. It is safe for your dog's health.

At Hello Jack we have created Relax, a food supplement in the form of delicious treats containing valerian, chamomile and tryptophan, for a zen and calmed dog! 

Relax is very easy to use, and hairballs love it. It is even suitable for puppies as young as 3 months old. You can use Relax all year round if your dog is stressed or has anxiety-related behavioral problems. You can also use it in anticipation of stressful situations such as parties and fireworks. In this case, our veterinary partner recommends starting the treatment 10 days before the situation at risk. 


We hope you find our tips helpful in limiting your dog's anxiety during this festive season. They can also be applied to any situation that may cause stress. Keep in mind that if your dog is anxious by nature, it's best to leave him alone in a separate room if you're entertaining. That way, both you and your pet should have no problems during this time. If your pet's stress is significant, don't hesitate to talk to your veterinarian.

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