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Top 10 most athletic dogs

Top 10 most athletic dogs

If all dogs naturally like to run, play and exercise, we can see that some breeds of dogs are more at ease in the practice of a dog sport than others. Inexhaustible energy, an athletic body, or a morphology adapted to running, are all parameters that make a doggie a true four-legged athlete!

You are a sportsman and you wish to adopt a dog that can share your passion? Take a look at our top 10 to find out which fur balls could share your lifestyle!

1/ The Border Collie

This working dog par excellence originates from Scotland. It is still widely used today to guard flocks. The Border Collie is an energetic and intelligent hairy dog (it is considered the most intelligent dog). They excel in all dog sports, especially those that allow them to exercise both physically and mentally. Herding is of course a sport in which he particularly shines, but treibball is also one of the Border Collies' favorite sports.

2/ The Siberian Husky

This wolf-like dog is famous for its ice blue eyes. It is the sled dog par excellence thanks to its physical abilities, its great energy, its endurance and its strength. This lupoid dog resists well to the effort and the cold does not pose any problem to him obviously! He has a lot of energy to spare, and has this famous "will to go" (the irrepressible desire to go forward) characteristic of sled dogs. The Husky is the ideal partner for all endurance and driving sports!

3/ The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world. Highly intelligent and versatile, they are a popular working dog. Athletic and quick to learn, they can shine in all dog sport disciplines, especially those involving training.

4/ Greyhound

This is the fastest dog in the world! The Greyhound is truly cut out for racing with its graceful and light physique. It is also one of the oldest dogs, as it has been traced back to Ancient Egypt. If he likes to run, he also likes to lounge on the couch when his needs of expenditure are fulfilled!
Be careful not to walk him without a leash, he could run away and lose you quickly!

5/ The Australian Shepherd

Agile, intelligent and hard-working, the Australian Shepherd has been a great success for many years. Overflowing with vitality, he needs to spend a lot of time to feel good about himself! Smart and fast, he excels in all disciplines: agility, canicross, cani-VTT, etc.

6/ The German Pointer

Originally the German Pointer or Kurzhaar is a versatile hunting dog. Running over long distances does not scare him! He is energetic and enduring, so he is an ideal companion for running, or mountain biking. He is truly inexhaustible!

7/ The Jack Russell

Small but strong, this could be the motto of the Jack Russell! Don't be fooled by his small size, he is not the fragile type! He is a real electric battery, always at 100 km/h. This is why he is particularly good at speed and endurance sports.

8/ The Labrador

We think of him as a calm, patient and gentle dog, but we mustn't forget that he has energy to spare! Because they are easy to train, Labradors can be serious competitors in sports that involve obedience. In addition, his love of water and his webbed paws make him well suited to water sports. If you also love this element, this is the partner you need!

9/ The Boxer

This doggie with a flattened muzzle is a very fast dog (behind the Greyhound of course). He is also enduring, but like any dog, he is not the most docile and can be stubborn! He will be able to do cani-cross or cani-vtt without any problem, but will not be the ideal candidate for obedience because of his temperament.

10/ The Dalmatian

Energetic and enduring, the Dalmatian is one of the most athletic dogs! He will particularly appreciate endurance sports because he has a great need to exercise. The Dalmatian is by no means a couch dog, he needs regular physical activity to expend his energy!

You now know the most athletic dogs!
As you will have noticed, the most athletic dogs are usually from sheepdogs or hunting dogs. We have mentioned in this top of the breeds dogs, but of course, the loulous resulting from the crossing of these breeds of dog can also be sporting dogs!
However, you should know that for the practice of certain dog sports in competition, your dog must be registered in the LOF (Livre de Origines Françaises).
Moreover, if you practice a sport with your dog in an intense and regular way, take good care of his joints, it is very important! It is recommended to wait until your puppy has finished growing before starting to practice a sport. Recovery times are also very important to avoid injuring your four-legged athlete! Finally, the use of food supplements for joint maintenance is highly recommended!

What about you, do you play sports with your dog? Share your experience in comments!

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