Top 10 of the biggest dogs

Although all dogs are descended from the wolf, they are very diverse in appearance and there are many breeds of dogs, each with their own physical characteristics. Some breeds are very small, others are very big, some are short-haired, others are long-haired, etc. Today we propose you to discover the biggest breeds of dogs, those that take all the space on the sofa!

The classification that we propose is only intended to inform you and entertain you. It is not intended to encourage you to prefer one breed of dog over another!
A dog is considered large when it reaches at least 20 kg as an adult. But, the furry ones we are going to talk about are colossal and can weigh up to 100 kg!
TOP 10 of the big dogs
The Great Dane
This giant is native to Germany, although it is also known as the Great Dane. Nicknamed the "Apollo of dog breeds" because of its graceful physique, it can reach a height at the withers of 80 cm and a weight of 70 kg (for the male). 
A Great Dane named Zeus even held the official record for the tallest dog in the world with a height of 110 cm at the withers!
The Great Dane is a very gentle and affectionate companion dog.
The Borzoi
The Borzoi is also called Russian Greyhound
It has a slim and slender physique, and can measure up to 85 cm in height for a weight of 40 kg
It is probably a descendant of the Saluki, one of the oldest sighthound breeds. It is a rather calm dog, very affectionate with its owners but reserved with people it does not know, as is often the case with Sighthounds. 
On the other hand, the Borzoi has a remarkable sense of smell.
The Mastiff
The Mastiff, also called English Mastiff, is a giant dog. Indeed, its weight can reach 100 kg and it measures 85 cm in height. 
In terms of character, it is a quiet and phlegmatic dog.
It is a sensitive canine companion with a heart of gold and who appreciates the cuddles. 
We can recognize him by his black ears and mask, typical of the breed.
The Leonberg
The Leonberg is originally from Germany and is named after the town where it was born. 
It is a recent breed since it was born in the 19th century. 
The Leonberg has a balanced temperament and many skills. 
It is a hairy dog which tends to be a little bit of a glue pot. 
It can weigh about 80 kg at the adult age for a height of 80 cm.
The Anatolian Shepherd
As its name suggests, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog originated in Turkey. It is a dog that could be described as "quiet strength". It is also a rather independent, intelligent and proud dog. The Kangal, as it can also be called, needs to exercise physically and intellectually like any sheepdog.
It can weigh up to 70 kg and measures about 80cm.

The Pyrenees Mountain
This white coated dog is also called Patou
It is an outstanding herd guard. 
The Patou is a giant both independent and protective. 
He has a double coat that allows him to resist to bad weather. 
The Pyrenean Mountain Dog can measure up to 80 cm in height and weigh up to 65 kg.

Irish Wolfhound
This Irish Greyhound impresses with his large size (78 cm high and 55 kg). 
He is a very affectionate dog, who also likes to play, but he doesn't realize how strong he is! 
He has a good character and can be gentle with children. 
He needs to exercise more than other large dogs, as he is a greyhound.

The Neapolitan Mastiff
Very affectionate, even a little sticky, the Neapolitan Mastiff (or Naples Mastiff) is a nap enthusiast. 
He is very calm and knows how to analyze situations. 
It has a very present instinct of protection, which makes it an excellent watchdog! 
This hairy is nevertheless a sensitive dog who does not like to be left aside. 
The Neapolitan Mastiff doesn't need to exert himself much.
This giant measures up to 73 cm at the withers and can weigh up to 70 kg.

The Saint-Bernard
Originally from Switzerland, the Saint-Bernard is a rescue dog. 
Indeed, it has a strong instinct of rescue. 
This soft-hearted molossus can reach 70 cm in height for a weight of 90 kg!
The Saint Bernard is an affectionate dog, faithful, and it is particularly soft with the children. 
There are 2 varieties of Saint Bernard: short-haired and long-haired.

The Newfoundland is one of the nicest and friendliest furry dogs. 
Very cheerful and sociable, he enjoys playing with children. 
He is known for his rescue instinct, especially at sea. It can happen to him to want to save a person who does not need it! 
It is also a good guardian. 
The Newfoundland is the smallest doggie of this classification since it measures 70 cm and weighs 70 kg (only!).

 More fragile dogs
It is important to know that large dogs are more exposed to certain health problems:
  • elbow or hip dysplasia (bone deformity)
  • dilatation-torsion of the stomach (a pathology that can lead to the death of the dog in only a few hours);
  • osteoarthritis and arthritis (link to: of the joints);
  • panosteitis (inflammatory bone disease).
Their life expectancy is also shorter (usually around 10 years) than that of smaller dogs. 
Because of their size and the fragility of their joints, overweight and obesity should be avoided at all costs for all large breeds.

How to care for a large dog?
Large dogs grow rapidly, which weakens their skeleton. For this reason, it is recommended not to engage in intensive physical activity until they have completed their growth (between 12 and 18 months depending on the breed). 
However, this does not mean that you should not take them for a walk! You just have to be careful not to make them jump or run for too long. 
To help them develop strong bones and to take care of their joints, the use of a glucosamine and chondroitin-based food supplement for dogs is recommended.
Finally, concerning the dilatation-torsion of the stomach, it is advisable to split the daily ration of your big dog in 2 meals in order not to overload his stomach. You should also make sure that he doesn't eat or drink large quantities before, during and just after exercise.
Now you know everything you need to know about large dog breeds. 
Is your favorite furry one of these? Tell us in the comments!


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