What is New Zealand Green Mussel and why is it perfect for your dog's joints? 

As a parent of a dog, you are probably aware of the difficulties they can face in terms of joint health. Just like us, they can suffer from diseases such as arthritis. It is estimated that two out of three dogs experience joint problems in their lifetime, and the likelihood of developing one of these diseases increases with age.

You may be surprised to learn that by the time your dog reaches the age of 7, the risk of developing arthritis increases to 65%, and many of them have difficulty performing their normal daily activities.

It is therefore essential to take action for your four-legged friend by finding ways to preserve the health of its joints. To start, you need to know the multifactorial causes and warning signs. Know your dog's breed, as some are more prone to these joint diseases than others. Preventive care methods should be applied from an early age to give your dog a more comfortable life in the long run.

New Zealand Green Mussels - the miracle food for joints: 

Green mussels are a breed of mussels with a green border on the shell. This species of mussel is native to New Zealand, which is the only place where they can be found in the wild. The Maoris have used it for years for its health benefits. But today, more and more people are learning and understanding the amazing properties of these mollusks for both humans and dogs.

When harvested under the best conditions, these mussels are an extremely rich source of omega fatty acids and important, beneficial minerals. These incredible qualities are not found in any other marine or plant life, which is why green mussels are so special when it comes to supporting and helping joint pain and difficulties.

Thanks to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids, it helps reduce inflammation that can be a major factor in your dog's joint discomfort and mobility difficulties. 

Studies have shown that its most impressive property is its high content of chondroitin and glucosamine which are wonderful natural anti-inflammatories. In addition, unless your dog has a shellfish allergy, these shellfish have no known negative side effects.

In addition to acting as an anti-inflammatory it : 

-Stimulates nerve cell function and increases muscle, tissue and organ stimulation

-Supports the circulatory system

-Strengthens the immune system

-Strengthens the bones

-Promotes healthy and strong teeth.

Used in human and canine medicine, you can easily obtain them in capsule form, but this will not be very useful for your four-legged friend. 

Are black molds as effective? 

There are some important differences between black mussels and green mussels. First of all, green lipped mussels are larger, generally more fleshy, and have a less pungent taste than black mussels. 

In addition, green mussels originate from New Zealand, where they are exclusively farmed, and are therefore subject to very strict regulations. The quality of the water is carefully controlled and must be excellent. This explains why green mussels are more expensive to buy. 

Black mussels are more common and can be found in many countries. They generally have a stronger flavor and are easier to chew. They are also farmed naturally which does not guarantee quality.

Our final opinion: 

New Zealand green mussels are a wonderful preventative and supportive food for your pet's joint health. 

Introducing this food into your dog's diet can not only support his joints, but also provide important support to his body and overall health...

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