Hello Jack GmbH

Our pups deserve to play in a clean, safe and natural world.

That’s why we thrive to be as sustainable as possible. Always.


We use insect protein to ensure that our treats meet our exacting standards for living lightly on the earth and acting responsibly. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, insect protein is one of the protein sources with the lowest carbon foot(paw)print.


Instead of plastic packets, we chose to store our dog supplements in bags made from 100% post consumer recycled brown board. This way we can ensure we have the smallest possible impact on the planet, while still giving you a beautiful and hermetic container to store your bestie’s favorite treat. Great for the environment and perfect for keeping your supplement as fresh as the day it was tested!


100% of our parcel is recyclable and 90% is recycled then recycled, then recycled some more before you get it and recycle it ahead of the of the next recycle. We do not use paint for the graphics but simply an eco-friendly cardboard bleach. This way you receive a nice parcel for you and even more for the planet.