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The Move and Shine Chews are suitable for dogs of any age and breed, however we recommend introducing the chews to your pup slowly when they are around 8-12 weeks old. If you have any concerns please consult your vet.

Are Move and Shine only for old dogs?

Absolutely NOT! While older pups with current joint and ligament as well as skin issues benefit from these supplements. Dogs are active creatures, we take them for walks, runs, swims, jumps, and bike rides. Our hip & joint and skin & coat supplement contains ingredients that encourage the formation of healthy cartilage and good skin. This protects the joints, bones, hips, skin and coat for years to come! It's never too early to start.

What type of breeds benefit the most from the sups?

All pups can benefit from a hip & joint or skin & coat supplement, and most breeds can really see a long term benefit from starting a routine early. If you know your dog's breed is at risk, there's no better way to proactively care for them than with our supplements.

Are they gluten and grain free?

Yes, they are!

How many chews come in a bag?

There are 63 chews in each bag.

What flavour are the Move chew? 

Our chews are Peanut Butter flavoured.

What happens if a dog eats them all at once?

If you accidentally feed your dog too many chews, see a vet immediately as it may disrupt their digestive system, and potentially cause vomiting and diarrhoea.
For our Shin chews especially, the snack should not exceed the daily feeding recommendation due to the increased levels of zinc and copper compared to a complete feed.

Are the Chews safe for a dog with Kidney Disease?

We try to keep our products as natural as we possibly can, using ingredients of the highest quality to ensure your pup reacts effectively and safely. Please consult with your vet first if you have any concerns.

Are the chews safe for cats?

Our chews are safe if your cat ingests it, however we would not recommend you make it a part of their complementary feed.